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Beijing YiChuang Biotechnology Industry Research Institute was unveiled in Beijing YiZhuang biomedical park

On April 19, Beijing YiChuang Biotechnology Industry Research Institute was unveiled in Beijing YiZhuang biomedical park. Mr. Fang zhining, the chairman of zhongyuan company, attended the ceremony as the sponsor and director of the institute and awarded the first batch of 23 research institutes established on the platform of the Research Institute. Zhongyuan Company participated in the formation of the Biotechnology Process Research Institute, which is in the list of awarded research institutes.


Beijing YiChuang biotechnology industry research institute is a one-stop technology platform connecting cutting-edge innovation and technology industrialization.



The institute of biotechnology process is ledding By ZhongYuan company's chief scientist Mr Zhu Xican. Aimed at resolving the innovation no pyrogen in drug research and development of animal experiment, sample preparation to prove the efficacy and safety, to provide necessary experimental achievement industrialization technology solutions.




Institute of biological process can obtain such results, with the precipitation was the company years of talent. R & D team leader Mr. Zhu Xican has worked in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Process Engineering and GE Medical Company, has been responsible for a number of scientific research institutions production technology projects. 



In the future, the zhongyuan people will continue to uphold the unity, diligence, innovation, development of values, for China's scientific research achievements transformation and leading industrial upgrading path of unremitting efforts.

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