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Congratulations to Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. for winning the BD company FY16 Outstanding Partner Award in China.

Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. was invited to participate the BD company FY17 Greater China Annual Dealers Conference in the Guiyang City on February 22, 2017, and was awarded the "FY16 BD China Outstanding Partner Award."





As the BD company more than one product line of national and regional agents in China, over the years Zhongyuan Ltd. has been adhering to the "professional services, help science and technology" purposes, and actively cooperate with the BD company to develop the market, and continuously enhance service awareness, expand the development of the market, in key cities and core markets continue to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. In some aspects, such as accelerating the pace of product imports, expanding the development of the market, the import of special products, Zhongyuan Ltd. has outstanding performance, and greatly improve customer satisfaction, laid a solid foundation for the completion of the BD sales task.


This award is a sure affirmation of our past hard work, but also an encouragement for the future pioneering work. In the future we will maintain a high enthusiasm and sober mind, play the role of the bridge between manufacturers and customers, and constantly strive for the industrial and scientific research customers to provide quality products and efficient and convenient services, make more contributions for China's life sciences and public health.


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