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Annual review meeting 2016 successfully held

It’s time to look back and say goodbye to the past year and embrace the new year. Annual review meeting 2016 of the ZHONGYUAN Company was held in Tianjin in January 14, 2017. We gathered together to join the festivities. 


We reviewed the achievements and shortcomings of the past year and made a comprehensive outlook and deployment of work for the coming year. It was a practical feedback for the institutionalization and standardization of the management. During the meeting, the Chairman and President Zhining Fang summed up company's overall operation in 2016 and fully explained the construction of the management system, strategic development and management framework construction, then made a clear outlook for the development of company in next year.


Under the leadership of the company’s leaders with - the efforts of all employees, we overcame various difficulties and worked together to complete the work objectives set in early 2016. It is proud that the company's total sales exceeded 1 billion yuan. There are both opportunities and challenges in 2017. All of Zhongyuan members will uphold the values of unity, diligence, innovation and development, serving China's biological industry and China's life sciences.In the new year, we will dauntlessly make progress and write a new historical glory for our dream!


After the meeting, the Spring Festival Gala kicked off with the singing and laughing. Our staff made a variety of forms and a dazzling performance such as dances, songs, drama, etc, 


We were immersed in the sea of joy with rounds of raffle over and over again. The gala not only brought laughter to everyone, but also made the leaders and employees feel closer to each other.


The Spring Festival Gala was pushed to an exciting climax again and again by the –wonderful performances of the actors and the enthusiasm of the audiences, and came to an end with the Unforgettable Tonight.


In 2016, Zhongyuan has obtained some achievements. Looking ahead, we will provide customers with better products and more intimate service! We are looking forward to writing a new chapter in history, even to experiencing and witnessing a new splendor! 


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