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Zhongyuan Ltd. participated in China Biological Products Annual Conference 2015

November 26-27, 2015, China Biological Products Annual Conference 2015, in the same way, the 15th National Biological Products Symposium was in held in Shenzhen, China. Several well-known experts and scholars made a series of exciting reports in the field of biomedical science and technology and reported the latest progress in the relevant areas. The topics in this conference were “major new drug discovery”, “the generic drug market and regulations”, “the current progress of enterprise projects and international standards”, and so on.

Experts Reporting in the Conference

Experts in the Question & Answer

As the leading distributor in the life science products, Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. is the authorized dealer for a number of internationally renowned Biotech Corp and institutions in China. Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. carried many products and services to the exhibition.

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