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Ordering guide of WHO’s recommended viruses for influenza vaccines in 2010-2011 northern hemisphere

1.When did WHO announced the recommended viruses for influenza vaccines for use in

2010-2011 northern hemisphere influenza season. And which are they.

Recommended viruses for influenza vaccines for use in the 2010-2011 northern hemisphere

influenza season

It is recommended that the following viruses be used for influenza vaccines in the

2010-2011 influenza season (northern hemisphere):

— an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus;
— an A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)-like virus;*
— a B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus.

* A/Wisconsin/15/2009 is an A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)-like virus and is a 2010 southern

hemisphere vaccine virus.

2 When and Which Agencies can we order the virus we interested from.


All the recommended virus are produced by NIBSC,

antisen & antisrum are produced by NIBSC and TGA, both NIBSC in UK and TGA in Australia were WHO designated agencies.


After the day on March 1, 2010, orders could be accepted and confirmed,(NIBSC/TGA will prepare

new virus recombinant and antisen & antisrum constantly)

NIBSC homepage link

NIBSC related news report website:.

TGA homepage link


3 ordering process and contact info

Virus and antisen & antisrum ordering process are as follow.

1 Sign the import agency agreement and apply for an import licence ( for some products)


2 Sign the NIBSC/TGA required MTA agreement, the end-user statement and other legal documents ( for some products)

3 Zhongyuan after the import customs clearance will send the ordered goods to end-users

Contact person MR. Wang Andy

tel: 010-62355630-182

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